What is the purpose of this blog?

To provide Bangladeshi students with every bit of information they need regarding SAT, ACT and admission to US Colleges. There are tons of websites on SAT out there, but this one is custom-tailored for the students of Bangladesh. That’s why our articles are mostly in Bangla.

Why are your articles mostly in non-English language?

Because this website is exclusively for Bangladeshi students. The SAT, ACT and everything beyond are conducted in English. However, we have data-buttressed-evidence that Bangladeshi students feel more homely to a blog and retain the knowledge for longer period if the contents are offered in simple Bangla. We certainly have a fraction of Bangladeshi visitors who prefer reading in English, but we also hope that getting the information in Bangla won’t be a hindrance for them. If you are not a Bangladeshi, then perhaps this is not the right SAT/ACT blog for you.

What is this blog offering me?

Articles on SAT/ACT regarding

  • Preparation strategies
  • Study resources — books, eBooks, multimedia clips, games and so on.
  • Instructions for the registration of the exam and the test-taking.
  • Guideline of university selection.
  • The Common App Application
  • Enriching your profile with extracurricular activities.
  • Building goal-snatching college essays.
  • The financial aid applications
  • Preparation for the interview
  • The arrangement of the essential financial papers
  • Receiving the first document from the US DHS (immigration department) called the Form I-20
  • Obtaining the student Visa (F1)
  • Post-visa activities including shopping and flying
  • Adjusting the life in the USA

Also, video and LIVE discussion on the above-mentioned topics.

Do you guys have any Coaching service for SAT?

Yes, this altruism-driven information-ocean is presented by GREC (The Graduate Resources Enhancing Center).

GREC is the leading test prep company in Bangladesh for GRE, SAT, IELTS and GMAT since 2008. Following are the paid services that you can receive from GREC:

  • Premium SAT course (both on-site and online classes)
  • Practice-Intense Crash Course On SAT (abbreviated as PICCO-SAT)
  • SAT model tests
  • Registration for SAT, ACT
  • Sending scores to US universities.
  • Paying fees of various universities.

How can I reach you?

You can directly call any of our branches and talk. Or, you can contact our Facebook page and send messages there. We have a Facebook group with nearly two lac members (YES!!), please join there and see our lively discussion. Link to the group is: fb.com/groups/grecenter.

Phone numbers of GREC branches